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Other Emergency Workplace Spanish Materials & Resources:

1. Medical Spanish Books/CDs

2. Medical Spanish Dictionaries &  Reference Materials

3. Law Enforcement Spanish Materials

4. Legal Spanish Dictionaries & Reference Materials

5. Fire & Paramedic-EMT Spanish Materials

6. Probation, Corrections & Dispatcher Spanish Materials

7. Street Spanish-Slang & Spanglish Materials


2. Medical Spanish Dictionaries & Reference Materials

Good medical dictionaries are hard to find. These medical dictionaries have been published recently. I am very impressed with McGraw-Hill's "E-S/S-E MD" (below). I use it as reference in my classes.

English-Spanish/Spanish-English Medical Dictionary McGraw-Hill Publishing, by Glenn T. Rogers Paperback. Amazon. Click here

Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary/ Diccionario Medico Espanol-Ingles Ingles-Espanol by Onyria Herrera McElroy and Lola L. Grabb  Paperback. Amazon. Click here

Southwestern Medical Dictionary: Spanish-English, English-Spanish by Margarita Artschwager Paperback. Amazon. Click here

Medical Spanish Pocket: Spanish for Medical Professionals by Claudia, M.D. Fischaess, Santiago Otero, M.D. Lopez-Cubero, and Robert Morrison Paperback. Amazon. Click here

Medical Spanish Dictionary Pocket: English-Spanish, Spanish English by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing and Carla, M.D. Maute. Paperback. Amazon. Click here


3. Law Enforcement Materials

Recently, a few more law enforcement Spanish books have been appearing.  McGraw Hill asked me to help fill that gap by publishing "QSLE",  listed below. It is the best selling book, primarily for patrol officers and investigators. I use it in my classes as both a text and reference.

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement McGraw-Hill Publishing by David B. Dees. Paperback. AMAZON Click here

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement + CD McGraw-Hill Publishing by David B. Dees. Paperback. AMAZON Click here

Community Spanish for Law Enforcement: Field Guide  By Paul Madera. Paperback. AMAZON Click here

Action Spanish for Law Enforcement: Spanish for Beginners By Michael Kane. Paperback  AMAZON. Click here

Diez-Cuatro: 10-4 Spanish for Law Enforcement by Sergeant Charles Kimbril. Paperback. AMAZON Click here

Basic Spanish for Police Officers by a Police Officer by Jacquelyn Macconnel. Paperback. AMAZON Click here

Spanish For Law Enforcement: Reference Manual  By Language Institute of Colima. Paperback. AMAZON. Click here

Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel By William C. Harvey. Paperback. AMAZON Click here .


Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement By By Ana Novas and Sergeant P. J. Guido, Paperback. AMAZON Click here .





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