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We list sites with more emphasis on practical content, everyday communication and language learning for emergency personnel. Levels are divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced. Contact us if you wish to exchange a link. We are more interested in training and less in police/fire products. Thanks.

A Guide to the Spanish Language
See Elaina's helpful page with resources for learning Spanish. Please check it out. All levels.

About.com Spanish Language
Language study, reference, chat, travel and foreign study, etc. All levels.

Learn Spanish
Lots of resources: freebies, evaluation of language software, travel, etc. Especially beginning level.

Learn Spanish Free Online
Spanish Programs. Lots of resources. Check out audio/video Free Vocabulary link: greetings, communication, location & survival, etc. All levels.

Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial
Preparation for travel or study for class. Audio CD program + free online tutorial, cultural notes, directory of language schools, and useful links. All levels.

My Spanish Dictionary
My Spanish Dictionary has lots of good resources for all ages. the tests are really good for practice for final exams.

Spanish for Law Enforcement
Spanish-language reference: dedications, learning Spanish, links for police, books, etc.

Spanish Pronto
Spanish basics and links to the Internet tools for language study and reference. All levels of study.

Yahoo's Spanish Language
Latin American Yahoo provides  search, news, current events, etc. Advanced level.

Conversational Spanish with Audio and Video (BBC)
Professional resources. Video is great but sound is too fast. Play back several times. Sound and video basic level but other resources for advanced.

Dictionaries, Spanish English, English Spanish
Extensive dictionaries, Spanish to Spanish, English to Spanish or Spanish to English. In Spanish.  Intermediate to advanced.

Free Translation.Com
Rapid translations, Spanish to English or English to Spanish. Quick, gets the gist and  free. Other languages too. All levels.

Guide to Spanish Study on Web
I Love Language's guide to Spanish study. Check out Online courses. Lots of good stuff. All levels.

Living Language Spanish Vocabulary (Fodors)
Basic terms, useful expressions, healthcare, on the road, etc. Elementary to intermediate.

Google Translate
Google is one of the best translators as well as searching.

Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture Resources
Grammars, on-line courses, newspapers, magazines, radio-tv, etc. Intermediate to advanced.

Spanish Technical and Medical Terms
Spanish technical and medical terms. Very detailed. All Spanish. Advanced only.

Spanish Vocabulary Tests
Vocabulary tests. Print out, take test and check answers. Advanced.

You Too Can Learn Spanish
Three lessons with audio. Varied content. Beginning to intermediate.

Police, Fire and Paramedic Links              back to top

About.com Firefighting
The starting place for exploring firefighting, EMTs. Lots of links.

Dr. Frank Schmalleger's CYBRARY
World's criminal justice directory, complete, high-level search and reference.

Home of Ron's World
Say "howdy" to Ron at his law enforcement/ham radio site, deep in the heart of Katy, Texas!

Interview and Interrogation Training
Interview and Interrogation Training - The Focused Interviewing System.

Law Enforcement Training
Law Enforcement Training Link for all wanting to become police officers. A new site. Looks interesting with good information.

Law enforcement links directory and police search engine, an extensive list of police and law enforcement links.

PersonalArms.com & PantherStunGuns
Personal Arms offers anti-crime products and their Panther Stunt Guns and pepper spray link

Police Baton
Good selection of pepper spray products: Police batons act as an expandable baton, extendable baton or collapsible baton.

Police Employment.Com
Employment, testing and interviewing guides for federal and state police jobs.

Police Officer's Internet Guide
A popular law enforcement web site. Thousands of police, law enforcement and criminal justice links.

Taylor Group
Law enforcement and emergency response training providers.

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